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The Simpsons Marathon (FXX - Biggest in History)

Today, 02:00 PM

Posted by Falcon In: Entertainment





I love the Simpsons.


I don't think people understand. Out of everything I love in life, I can count the Simpsons in a single hand as my top 5. FXX is holding the biggest and longest marathon in TV history by airing every single Simpsons episode ever.


It starts NOW! - Here is the schedule: http://www.vulture.c...n-schedule.html


Official Twitter!!! - https://twitter.com/everysimpsons

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Clash of Clans

Today, 03:17 AM

Posted by Joker In: Gaming Discussion



Do you play it?

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Five Nights At Freddy's

17 Aug 2014

Posted by Prince In: Gaming Discussion

Five Nights at Freddy's is an indie horror game where the player works as a security guard at Freddy Frazbear's Pizza restaurant. You sit in an office and monitor security cameras situated throughout the restaurant in order to keep an eye on the animatronic mascots.


It sounds like an easy gig until you're warned that the mascots will mistake you for a robotic endo-skeleton without your costume on (which is strictly against the rules at Freddy Frazbear's). This perception of theirs means you're likely to be stuffed into an animatronic suit. "Which wouldn't be so bad, if the suits themselves weren't filled with crossbeams, wires, and electronic devices - especially around the facial area." You've only got a limited power supply to check the camera feeds, light hallways, or close the doors on either side of you to keep the animatronic mascots out.


Anyone else gotten a chance to play this yet, or see any of the many videos of others playing it?


It's gotten a pretty big fanbase pretty fast, like Amnesia or Slenderman when they were first released. The pretense seems silly, but it's a really intense game, especially considering you have to leave yourself essentially vulnerable to conserve power until the last possible second. Not to mention the horrifying little details the last security guard leaves for you in his messages.

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Louisville Purge

16 Aug 2014

Posted by Prince In: Current Events

So, apparently there's supposed to be a Purge tonight in Louisville. For anyone who hasn't seen the movie, The Purge, it's based on a fictional 12 hour period in the US where all crime is legal. Flyers were posted up around town, and some even showed up in other cities like Jacksonville and Miami. As far as I've heard, authorities are taking the threat of anything happening seriously, and some schools have rescheduled scrimmages and stuff for tomorrow. Considering an event in Louisville this March where the city was subject to spontaneous acts of coordinated mob violence though, it's not surprising that officials and the community are responding seriously.


What's your guys' opinion on this though? Think anything serious is going to go down?

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Screenshots thread

13 Aug 2014

Posted by pot In: Gaming Discussion

I'll start.



This npc knows what's up ...





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2014 Updates - Pitstop

09 Aug 2014

Posted by Falcon In: Site News & Updates

Hey guys!


So our little experiment this year was pretty good, but here are some things that I've noticed, read ahead for my thoughts of why we're back to IPB for the time being.


The Traffic


Traffic for the main domain has increased overall, almost 200% more than the end of the year 2013. So this leads to a couple of conclusions First this means that Wordpress is a wonderful CMS and it's SEO powers are effectively unmatched. 


The Participation


Participation in the beginning of 2014 was great, mainly due to The Werewolf Games. I'm hoping to actually just "brand" TWG and make GF one of the go to places for games like that.



User Conversions


This is where bbPress/BuddyPress fails at, it's really hard to get new members to register and start posting. It's not intuitive enough and it's not "fun."


Content = Staff


We still have a problem with content. I mean yea, Facebook, Reddit, etc... who the hell cares about forums anymore?


Well I do, because I still think it creates a better community because it feels more personal. Also not to mention most of our members simply just got older and outgrew Gamersfire all together. Prince mentioned that when I'm not active, the site dies completely. Well that's not a good sign, because I get busy from time to time! It's unfortunate that redz left, although I still text him, because when he was busy, I'd do some stuff, when I was busy, he'd do some stuff.


We'd always find some stuff to keep members excited and wanting to participate. Well, I've learned that in order to have content you need a staff. And the truth of the matter is Gamersfire hasn't had a staff in 2 years.


If anyone is willing to participate in things such as hosting TWG, doing contests, etc... please PM me.


The only person that has always helped me out has been Prince, and that leads me to my next point.


Super Prince


Prince is now a Super Moderator, she is pretty much second in charge after me. She's going to lay the smack down with anyone that misbehaves :-). So everyone say congratulations to her!




There's a couple of things I'm debating


First, we're going to keep a "real" forum going on here no matter what. Right now we have a portal along with the forums just for fun. There is a big battle between a couple forum softwares, most notably XenForo and a new version of IPB 4.0


My plan is this so far at least for the forums/community part. We're staying with IPB 3.4.6 until 4.0 is out. We are going to try out 4.0 because it does really look good. If feature for feature IPB still can't match XenForo, we might move to XF.


Now about the main page. I'm still consider WordPress as the main stop for the forums. However I'm not going to launch this until 4.0 on IPB, because they have responsive design now, which will make it easier for me to make a global header & footer between Wordpress and IPB.


In either case invite some of your friends here to participate in future TWGs


Also, things might not be working totally 100% at the moment, but we should be able to create and reply to stuff at the least.


Welcome Back

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Ghost Town?

06 Aug 2014

Posted by Lord Valarion In: General Discussion
Hello?..... *Can hear my echo*

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Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front

25 Jun 2014

Posted by BWPcooly In: Gaming Discussion
Just came out today and it is amazing!!! much needed DLC that added new features to the already great RTS.If you plan on playing hit me up on steam and i'll help you out :DPosted Image

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2014 FIFA World Cup

12 Jun 2014

Posted by Prince In: Current Events
So, with the conclusion of the opening ceremonies (ft JLo, Pitbull, and some fancy trees and human soccer balls) and the first match between Brazil and Croatia, the World Cup is in full swing. How many of you Gamersfire folks are watching the games, and are you rooting for any teams in particular?

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Happy Birthday Joker

13 May 2014

Posted by yin-yangman In: General Discussion
Posted Image

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